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Tommy T. Martin Chair of Insurance


Q: How do I change my Major to Risk Management and Insurance?

A: View the change major instructions at the Registration Website.

Q: How do I apply for CPCU credit for a class I have taken?


Q: How do I find out more information about the CPCU Student Collegiate Program guidelines?

A: Please follow the link below to find detail specific steps for the CPCU Student Collegiate Program.

Q: What is IRMI, and how can I sign up for free?

A: International Risk Management Institute, Inc., now known as IRMI, was founded primarily to educate risk managers, insurance agents/brokers, underwriters, and other insurance professionals by conducting seminars. In conjunction with these programs, risk and insurance publications were developed to provide what we felt was much-needed information in an evolving industry. IRMI also publishes an extensive library of free articles, white papers, a glossary, and other content on, one of the most visited websites for risk professionals. IRMI provides you with a fantastic all-inclusive online resource! Use the links below to explore IRMI and signup for FREE!

 Q: How can I stay informed on the latest news in commercial insurance?

A: Business Insurance is the authoritative news and information source for executives concerned about risk and the impact on their business. Membership in Business Insurance is free for students!

Create a free digital account:

Q: Can you help me get started on developing a resume?

A: Check out our Sample Resume

Q: How do I get my Insurance License?

A: Learn more about the steps here!

Q: How do I find internships and job opportunities?

A: Please visit our Career Opportunities page for a list of avalible internships and job openings. 

Mr. Tommy Martin
Dr. Dave Wood,
Martin Chair of Insurance
Rebecca Darden,
Program Coordinator